Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

So, I am happy to say that my grandma DID surprise me and get home the day she said she would.  She surprised me with a phone call that evening after arriving home.

Jason has been off since Thursday... not sure why he took vacation really, but I guess he just needed extra time to relax.  Hope he feels as though he has done that.

I am sipping coffee and looking through images of blue living rooms to solve the battle of decor in mine.  It seems various shades of blue, white, grays, and blacks win out with pops of bright color.  Brown goes.  Okay.

I am without any thoughts on anything today... went to bed last night feeling agitation running through my blood as I like to put it.  When I can't tell where it came from (the cause) and my mind is looking through things that could justify the anger when there is none presently taking place... it starts taking inventory-if you will, of the memories of any recent hurt in my head... my mother-in-law comes in a lot.  However, I have to remind myself of forgiveness and that I am just upset.  There is no reason today.  The only thing causing it is alot of hurt in the past, so I am used to being resentful, of myself and others, feeling guilt, anger, hurt... but today I only have the feelings... there is no cause.  Thank the Lord, today is just a choice to no longer feel those past wounds... and everything is fine.

So I went  to bed like that last night.

Thank you Father, this day has none of that.

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