Monday, April 2, 2012

Finally An Update on Me and Baby!

So, I had an ultrasound scheduled for the 27th of March... by my records of assumed ovulation, I should be about 6 weeks and 6 days along... even though my tech said at the office they had me at like barely after six weeks, my ultrasound measured that I was 7w2d... Dr Blackwell said it was great and that I may have ovulated just a little bit earlier than we thought, and even if I am measuring just a little big, then she said that is still very healthy...  she said she was so nervous about this visit, but the baby was clear and so perfect... and his (her) heartbeat is sooo strong and already at 133+ b/p/m.

Oh and by the way, I have always wondered how they do the day counting in pregnancy--here is how my days are counted.... this week is week 8... the first day is 8w0d.... second is 8w1d up to 8w and 6 days... and then it will go to 9 weeks and 0 days....

So today I am 8w1d according to my ultrasound... this could change by a couple of days on my next ultrasound but who knows... I am so grateful that this blessing is strong and I pray very healthy!!!!  My Dr said she was very excited and this baby is healthy.  Even if she is speaking in faith, so am I... and Drs usually aren't like that; they only say what they can prove.  I know, I have been around them almost as much as I have been around my family over the last couple of years.  She is so confident that she can only expect one more appt with me on the 10th.... and that I should go ahead and meet with my regular OB now!  Yay!!!!!  She also gave me a bunch of prescription PreNatals with Iron, etc.

I am going to try Dr Steelmon; we will see how my visit with her on the 9th goes.  I really enjoy her-I think.  I have never enjoyed her staff though... Grrrr.  I just want an enjoyable experience, and a healthy baby in my arms in several months.

A week after my appt. and I have been so constipated for a week that I have been a little worried.  I have drank Prune juice like it's water-fiber bars-fiber cereal, etc etc etc... hydrate hydrate hydrate.... doesn't matter.  I am conST-ST-ST-ipated... so I called today and she said to stop taking the vitamins and just take 2000 mcg or 2mg of Folic Acid a day.

Anyway, I have been sicker than sICK for weeks, and barely gotten off the couch.  I do have Zofran when I need to get up and clean or, ha ha.... eat!  I didn't think it worked well the first couple of times I tried it, but honestly it works fabulously and I am so thankful I have it!

I can not wait till next week when I get to see and hear baby again.  I pray for healthy news every time and am so ecstatic to see my little jellybean's growth!  Woohoo!  Thank you Father that you love me, and have given me the desire of my heart.  You know what I need and have given me the child that is just for us and we are perfect for him (her).  Thank you; I praise you!!!!  We deserve nothing good, and apart from You, do nothing good.  Thank you for grace and mercy.  Amen.