Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's Just the Kind of Day to Leave Myself Behind---Tuesday Afternoon by Moody Blues

So, I have not smoked since Sunday after lunch!!!! I am feeling very awesome about that fact.  Also, I have only chewed two pieces of gum... praise God!  The desire is not there, and I do not feel pressure to do it even knowing that my husband is doing it right outside the house... yay!  Thank you  Father for your grace and mercy on me, a lowly sinner.

So, I have been eating a lot more fiber lately because I have had some constipation issues that are pretty severe.  Apparently diet is not the only reason for this problem, because I thought I was eating a-a-alr-i-i-ight... maybe I haven't been.  Nonetheless, emotional stress could have caused my digestive tract to act up, which, let's face it, since August and maybe even before, I have been an emotional wreck, till a two weeks ago... thank our gracious Lord... and lack of activity---which I have already also begun to change can affect it...   So I am on the right track I just have to make sure I am eating all the right foods, and staying on track to keep my stress down, and activity up.  Quitting smoking helps though, because I have been being convicted of it for awhile now, and felt condemned every time I did it, like I couldn't be forgiven since I kept doing it, even though I wasn't sure if I believed it was a sin or maybe was just told once that it was a sin.  Who knows.... since I felt bad and wrong doing it though, it was the right thing to do.  And I want to be a grandma someday, so I need to get my "healthy" act together.

Now to fix lunch for me and my wonderful husband!

Okay, now it is 9:53pm and we are about to go to bed.  I am a little emotionally sensitive right now and snappy, but I don't want a cigarette... so that is good.  Dear Father, thank you for being with me and healing me from my addiction; in Jesus name forgive me please for my attitude and snappiness Lord.  I do not want to act like this.  Thank you Lord for my husband's gentle nature that he knows that this too shall pass... Keep us and bless us all, in Jesus name. Amen.

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