Monday, October 14, 2013

Here We Go Again

Why do fertility again?
     A: Because I know that I have an illness affecting my ovaries.  I believe the effects from the PCOS COULD be the reason for what happened to Parker.  Fertility does not guarantee a healthy baby.  Though I pray God not let us endure another heartache again, I am reassured that I have done all that I could by going through the rigamarole-to make sure the egg getting ready for fertilization is in great shape, producing enough estradial, etc are viable and my body is optimal condition for fertilization...   Fertility gives me peace.  God will give me the baby we are supposed to have.  I am taking my illness out of the equation.  So I won't blame myself.  Because I have done all I can do.

I don't know if I will get pregnant on this cycle or not.  I am hopeful.... for a girl?  That would be great!  It is a tedious process when cycles come and go and your eggs don't grow enough so you have to cancel this round, etc.  BUT  I just believe it is happening quickly.  I believe excitement is on my horizon!  I remember, and I am ready.  Thank you Lord for our baby... healthy loving baby!  In Jesus name we pray for this joy... Amen.

My appointment is Wednesday.