Monday, February 14, 2011

Blessed Mensa

So I am not pregnant.Not yet.  I started my period on the tenth.  I have mixed feelings. I am glad because it means that my body is working properly.  Thank God.  Since I wasn't ovulating after Parker passed...

However, it does sadly mean that I am not with child yet.  I am going to choose to believe that God has a perfect seed to plant in me and for that seed to be the one for me, it must be the perfect timing to grow to be... my baby.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stuffed Blizzard

So yesterday at four a.m. Jason and I woke up to get him ready for work.  It had snowed, was still snowing, but Jason didn't know if he was going to be able to stay home or not.  Barry lives about the same distance from work and on the same side of town so we figured we would wait and see if he could make it.  So I made Jason a spinach and cherry tomato omelet on toast with a little mayo.  He ended up not having to go to work. YAY!  So we napped and watched a movie... napped again.  Made good food.... Everything was great except my nose was all stuffed up!

So, here we are on a God-made vacation, having a good time, we've just decided to try to conceive, and I have a very unsexy stuffy nose!  It was so bad yesterday... completely stuffed (both nostrils) and still having drainage down the back of my throat!  Needless to say, romance is going to have to wait until tonight...  lastnight, I just couldn't entice anybody with my nose so stuffy, my speech just sounded goofy!  And My eyes were red from sneezing and watery!  Ha ha ha ha....

By the way, we got three feet of snow!