Monday, August 15, 2011

Clomid Eve

So tomorrow we start a fertility drug:  Clomid.  I was really nervous today about it but for some reason, it is gone now.  I think it is because tomorrow I am meeting Dr Julie Blackwell.  Hopefully she will guide me through this process with my husband safely and educationally.  I have always felt better when I understood what was going on.  When it comes to medical jargon, I get it when they take the time to explain.  I understand better than most medically uneducated recipients.  However, you have to really let the Drs know you want all the information, because they will snow over the details and blow you off only because they are busy, people don't understand anyway, and most don't really even want to know; they just want the answer and the action (or drug). Dr Steelmon here in Claremore is not doing a good job of taking the time to make me feel comfortable; I feel rushed and uninformed.  Her staff is rude most of the time we converse.  For example, the last time I "bugged" them, I was asking if I needed to go to the ER due to my miscarriage I was having at home.  They were uncaring and very "whatever.  if you are worried about it then go".  I can't do it.  This experience has been hard enough without adding the stress of behavioral warfare.  I am going to go to a specialist where people are hired to be understanding because, like me, all those patients have been through loss and having a rough time.  I can't tolerate unnecessary attitudes during what could be enjoyable parts of this process.  So tomorrow.  I am so thankful I made an appointment and that they scheduled it so soon.  Thank you Lord.... protect me.  Heal my womb. Grow babies to full term,  healthy and strong in my very ready and blessed womb in Jesus name.