Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh Wednesday....

So, I still have not smoked and it is day three... still no problem... thank you Lord!!!!! I am still oversensitive and quickly agitated but other than that! LOL... I do feel better and  I ran a mile and a half yesterday, too... Got to go in tonight and run as well, now that I have my IPOD racked with awesome tunes in which to move it!  I didn't take my birth control Monday and my period started today.  It has been a beast of pain... However, I have been somewhat productive regardless.  So, yay for me not smoking... yuck to the period business of which I am dealing... and yuck to the mood-swingy oversensitivity I am putting anyone around me through.... I pray that it be gone soon... Can I say, though, that I absolutely feel healthier already?  :) Par for the course, indeed.

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