Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fixed beliefs about people-Often times whenever we dealt with someone enough or even upon meeting them, we decide things about people. They're "this way" or "that". But there are problems with these fixed beliefs… we box them in and we sometimes never let them out of that box even when they don't belong in the box anymore... And what if they didn't belong in the box you made for them in the first place?
1-People change 
2-Maybe you weren't right in the first place about a person, but the moment you make a decision about someone your brain no longer processes different information about them- What?! Yea our brains are awesome and powerful... even powerful enough to try and justify our decisions!!!-from then on it will try and process only information that supports your decision---and when we acknowledge this, who wants to admit they were wrong... And even moreso, how would it look if you changed your mind or looked like you were wrong... Lol... I think we all do this to a certain extent... and I hate to think of time wasted by "deciding" people were anything negative...