Saturday, January 8, 2011

Merry Christmaaaa.... Wha? Wait a minuuuuute.

Nope.  It is true.  Again.  For my family Christmas comes but twice a year, once in January and the other in  December.  Well, Christ was only born once, but He is still the reason for the season, and it is so important to us that we insist on seeing all of us together, so we wait till traffic and people are done hustling and bustling so travel will be easier on those who must; residents of Texas and Arkansas alike will be in attendance :) We get together with lots of food, laughs, catching up, Dirty Santa game, lots of hugs, and good ol' fashion love.  If I am lucky, we throw in a game of NERTZ at the end of the long day; however, my pleading for NERTZ works waaaaay less often now that I am older than 20.  When we play, it is soooo much fun though!  We rouse each other with a healthy dose of,
how do the french say,
le smack talk?
LOL, yea. Smack talk.  We all have good spirits about it though.

So I wake up this "other" Christmas morning at 8:00am and find I forgot to put my pinwheels in the refrigerator which is kind of ironic because I am not sure they were good in the first place... messed em up pretty bad this time.  Oh well, the joy in offering to make several things is the joy of still having things to take if one or two flop!  So I will get started on my broccoli and cheese, mashed potatoes, and we will be on our way by 11:45am.

I am sooo tired this morning.  I stayed up till after one and have no clue as to why my body rejected the idea of sleeping in past 8:00 since that is less than seven hours and I don't do well without at least 8.  So, even though I feel yucky-like still tired and kind of achey from not sleeping much, apparently I am up and after this little complaint about it, I will not let it affect me anymore as my coffee is done, and I have two parts of lunch to start and some raspberry sauce for the key lime pies I made yesterday.  Hope people aren't grossed out by the rind in the pie.... I know a few years ago I would have been unsure and maybe auto-not liked it, but now I understand the point and the texture doesn't throw me off.  

LOL, I can hear Jason snoring loudly from the bedroom!  Well, time for coffee and a shower, and to "get this party starteeeeed riiiiiight noooow!" -Pink

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