Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Housework and More Housework

So today was an at-home, do nothing-but-the-house type of day.  I have gotten almost all of the laundry done, thank goodness.  I have cleaned and reorganized the kitchen, and cooked Jason and nutritious dinner of roasted duck, mashed potatoes, and fresh vegetables sauteed (green beans, cabbage, spinach, and mushrooms).  Very delicious.

My grandma sounds good.  Not sure if she is really doing well, but I believe in God as our creator and healer among so many other things so I will believe in what I do not see.  She is in good spirits, thinking she will be home this evening but I am sure it will be tomorrow at the earliest.

Zumba was wonderful.  It was medium intensity cardio dance moves.  I am not the most coordinated with learning moves but most of it was do-able... only one or two moves had me so confused and overwhelmed I had to stop and regroup.  I left hot, my muscles burning, and ready for bed.  Apparently so since I slept twelve hours!!!!  Being sore from volleyball the evening before must have helped with needing to recuperate from all the activity, because crossing my arms over my chest to pull my shirt overhead before taking a shower sure reminded me how much volleyball works your arms out.  I feel pretty good today, not feeling too sore as I complete my chores.  Well, more things to do.

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