Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday Feb 19th

What a busy weekend we had!  We had dinner with my Godson's family who came into town for his baptism.  We went our nephew's to see him for his birthday (1st bday) and then went to our friends and visited for a bit... Today we went to church for Liam's baptism (awesome btw) and then ate lunch, went to Michael's Craft store and home, took a nap (four hours constitutes more of a nap in my opinion tho), and got up, watched a movie, and went to sleep... oh and I was up early both days for more injections.... tomorrow I get another ultrasound and get to hear what my follicle is doing and my estrogen levels and lining... Dear Lord, my estrogen you know needs to be above 100 at least but ideally at least 150 per mature follicle.  Please God.  Please.  You said be fruitful.   Please mean me too.

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