Friday, February 10, 2012

Feb 9

Yesterday on Femara I only had some hot flashes.... heat from the inside out.... CraAZy weird and uncomfortable.  AND a weird headache I wish to never have again... good news... they last a short time and the rest of my day was normal.  Today was fine too.  Day 2.  Although my boss doesn't seem to respect nor care for me.  Which is fine, because the more he acts like that, the more mutual feelings I attain. I pray that God lead me where I need to be.  Whatever He says I will do.  I am on hormones though, and after my 5 days taking Femara I will shoot pin injections of Follistim in my stomach for 5 days, so he may want to calm down on not being appreciative or cold.  I can't guarantee I won't have to pray for forgiveness for opening my hormone shot up mouth when I already wanted to speak up before I was on them.  OH and I hate being called the "scanner girl".

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