Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Feb 20th, Doctors Visit

I went in today... I prayed for 150 but at least over 100.... You know what numbers I need Lord.  I called my sister.  I went in and got my ultrasound.... my follicle is 21, yay!  And she said my lining looks over 7, which is def what we want.  Now we just have to wait for my blood work... and I go home and go to work.  She will leave me a message that I will receive around 2-4.

I start calling around 12:30 because I just can't think of anything else.
1:15 and there is one new message!  AAAaaaaah!  Please God.  We need good numbers...

"Hi Kindra, this is Hannah from... your estradial is 332..." and I inhale sharply out of sheer excitement!  Thank you God!!!!!!!  It is perfect; it far exceeds what was even considered fine.  Thank you!!!!!!!  Oh thank you!!!!  Please let this be the month.  "...your lining needed to be at least a 7 and it is 9.3..."  YES!!!!! "... and your follicle is a 21... you will....(ahem) tonight.... and trigger in the morning first thing and then (ahem) on the 22nd.... we will run your Progesterone levels on the 28th and your pregnancy test will be on the 6th"

Thank you God for fabulous numbers.  Please let this follicle become my healthy baby...  please let this be the month.

So now I go about my business, triggering tomorrow (injecting myself with HCG hormone to make me release the mature egg within 36 hours) and then wait for Progesterone levels on the 28th .... next Tuesday.... welcome to my rollercoaster.

Lots of prayers.
Keep you in the Know.

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