Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 13th, 2012, Monday First Injection

Grandma read the instructions (which were typed small enough that even I needed my glasses) and I put the vile in the pin, sterilized my stomach area to the right two inches of my belly button, and the  body of the pin which had a plunger tip I inserted into the open end of the vile which was within the head of the pin... and screwed the pieces together... and I sterilized the tip... then screwed the needle onto the tip.  I had the injection pin in my right hand, the dose dialed to 50 i/u aiming it an inch from my skin...  and with my right hand, I had a good pinch of the fatty part of my belly ready for injection.  I tried to goad myself into doing it while Gram Gram sat above me in her recliner, "Can hou do it, Kindy?"
"I will try"  "I think I can"  "Nope.  You do it this first time".... and she did. Although, it is probably easier to stab another than yourself, lol.

Easy as pie and didn't even feel a pinch like when they draw blood and DEFINITELY not the bee sting you feel in a normal shot.

I felt a little weird after, but no real side effects, so I figured I could go to work... I didn't get emotional or anything... apparently this hormone doesn't really do that to you.... WHEW!  My boss and everyone else is lucky... and I won't have to apologize for any crazy crying fits or mountains made of molehills later when sanity returns... nope, this will be a cake walk!

Work was.... work.  I am pretty sure my boss either doesn't care for me, but at the least he is definitely unappreciative of what I do.  It doesn't affect the way I do my job, but it does make me want to leave when he is around.

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