Friday, February 24, 2012


My mom always said she liked her coffee taupe; I like mine that way, too.  However, I do add some agave nectar to mine.  She only wanted real half and half in hers.  Today is going well.  I feel a load has been lifted off of me since I let my boss know my true feelings pertaining to my job here.  Although, that freedom has made me very lax about wanting to come to work at all.  I keep believing that Tuesday I will find out the my Progesterone levels are wonderful and expect on the 6th of March to see a positive pregnancy test.  Please Lord, let this be the month.

I want to be home.  I want to be indulging in cooking and cleaning... art and sewing...

It's funny how over the last year, it has been hard to do those things.  Now that I have a job that I don't need or care for, but have gotten used to being busy all day, I would so rather this busy-ness be done within my home.  Thank you Lord, for this experience as it has ignited my joy to be home.  I pray for the opportunity soon to do that; I pray that Tuesday I hear good news toward my pregnancy and I can begin a new season in my life.

I have already started taking my Folic Acid... an elevated dosage recommended by my OBGYN way back when we first started trying to conceive again.  I am glad I stopped taking it then since it has been over a year (I am supposed to take 4000mcg---the average woman needs 400 and the pregnant woman needs 800, so it is substantially higher).  I have continued to take PreNatals though... because every month I planned on being pregnant.

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