Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Soup For Breakfast?

Saturday was Christmas.  We first hung out at Jason's Aunt Vicki and Uncle Ron's.  Which was great until she wanted to verbally bash my ex mother in law.  Yes, I know she left my father in law, but since you don't know if she did anything bad, either by his account or by seeing anything yourself,  you can't just say she was horrible.  Marriage is two-sided, and I had spoke to Angie when Parker was still here and she was very unhappy.  So, I spoke up about having some mercy on her by not acting like she did something wrong.  Then her daughter asked, "so you really don't think she was seeing someone else?"  I said no. She asked, "You know for sure??"  I told them both I didn't know for sure, or heard anything like that, so I won't act like it's true or even a possibility.  I also, will not believe hearsay from someone who doesn't know for sure either.  Especially when Aunt Vicki never liked her...they didn't like each other.  If you talk to Vick though, she was always nice and Angie was horrible.  I never saw Angie be horrible.  So, I love Aunt Vicki, but I can't think badly of someone who never showed me bad.

Then we went to my Dad's which was great... we played and ate and I was so tired by the end of it!

Sunday we went to Jason's Aunt Sandi and Uncle Fred's and hung out and saw his Grandma Wade.  I think she is just a wonderful lady... We (Sandi, Grandma, and I) talked about gardening and just had a great time!  Afterwards. Jason and I ate at Outback with our friends, Nia and Chris.  That was a nice visit too!  They invited us over for New Years but Nia is getting her wisdom teeth out this week and highly doubt she will want visitors on New Years.

Yesterday, Monday I woke up at 6 am and cleaned the house all day.  Laundry, kitchen, living room, etc... you know, the every day job of we housewives.  Then, last night, my sister in law Lela came and picked me up and we went to her cousin Crystal's to hang out for a while.  I was so exhausted!  I don't even remember falling asleep after I got home.  I know Jas was up... he only has to work 8 hours a day this week and he slept from 2pm to 7pm... and I guess he stayed up till I got home at midnight.  Then we got into bed, and I remember being worried a little that anxiety was bothering me, but it must have only lasted moments, because I woke up this morning at ten am.  So I got over nine hours of sleep!  Geez.... So today I won't get anything done, because I have to meet Lora at noon to eat here in Claremore, then Jason gets off at one, then we have to pick up the dresser from Ben's then go to grief counseling at four which means we have to leave at 3:15 or so... sorry honey, I wanted to be productive :(

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