Thursday, December 23, 2010

Coffee and Water

Good Morning!  Well, it is actually the very end of the morning, briskly approaching 11:30 am.  So, good "brunch-time everyone!  LOL, I just ordered myself a Swedish Massage for me from Jason for Christmas online... Sweet!  Thank you Honey.  I am enjoying Pumpkin Spiced coffee made from my own pot, meaning it is not a four-dollar cup o joe... however, it sure tastes expensive to me :)

I had such a good time last night with a great friend.  We just had a couple of drinks and talked for a few hours and listened to some really silly karaoke... My husband was kind enough to take us and pick us up afterward... Which neither of us stay out or up in general, late.  So we were back at her house right after ten.  Then I came home, watched a movie, and slept great.

Today I am going to Gram Gram's and eating soup.  I love her so much!!! It will be nice to have some time with her.  I guess even though my grandfather  doesn't seem to enjoy me, it won't be too bad if he is there, too.

I am so glad Jas is off until Monday.... I hope he has a great four-day weekend... Love that man so much!

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