Friday, December 17, 2010

Missed Call and Old Coffee

My grandmother (Dad's Mom) called me yesterday and left a message; she wanted me to come sit with her while she washed her comforters at the local laundromat.  I remember being in my friend Crystal's SUV when my phone notified me of a new message.  I flipped it open to the main display screen but there was no missed call.  Figuring it must have been the pastor's wife, since we just got off the phone together, I didn't think anything of listening then and later just forgot altogether.  Not that I could have gone to see her, since I was already with someone else and not in town, but if you feel about your grandma the way I do about mine, then you know that you don't like to EVER miss a call or keep her waiting.  I love Gam Gam... funny, at 27, I just started calling her by this new nickname.  I thought she needed one.  All the special grandmas are called something different I speculated, so I gave her Gam Gam... better late than not at all, right?  Grandpa doesn't get one, though, because he has gotten really grumpy in his older age, which most do, but being difficult does not a cute nickname derive.

This is a good morning so far.

I rolled out of my gunpowder grey comforter and red sheets, heated up coffee from a pot made yesterday (yea, yea I know... gross, whatever), and am trying to go over the things I am supposed to do today.  I feel alright.  I slept easily last night, which is very unusual.  Working out before bed has got to be the best thing since sex that clears my mind of anxiety which usually keeps me awake... Thank you Father for restful sleep!!!  What am I to do today?  I have lunch today at 11 with Amber (a girl I haven't seen since highschool and didn't even hang out with then, not totally sure she even liked me.... can't remember... oh well, it's been 10 years and it will be nice to get to know a new person)  I have social anxiety around new people so I wonder if I am going to struggle with that today...  and then I have to head to the church.  I do their bulletin board; you see, Christmas is right around the corner, but I have been sick for  over a week and unable to get up there, not that I remembered in the first place from feeling "the crud".  Anyway, Christmas is around the corner, so I hope they are not irritated that I haven't done it sooner.

Then, this evening at 6, Jason and I have grief counseling together; afterward he will drop me off in Broken Arrow at Olive Garden to eat with some of the best girls I could ever call my friends!  They are always a breath of fresh air, they don't have crude senses of humor like most people, and they are hilarious, fun, and seriously resonate what a good friend should be.... I am so blessed I have tears welling up... our get together is long overdue... I have missed southern lovin in the form of my awesome posse.

Dear Father, thank you for today.... thank you for opportunities to be helpful and for much-heeling fellowship.  Thank you for my husband and my friends.  Thank you for my health and for my future children.  In Jesus name.

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