Sunday, December 19, 2010

Church on Sunday Morning

After church today, we had lunch with one of the few couples our age.  We had a really good time.  It was nice, both of us, friends, food, kids.... felt good.  Natural.  I feel good today.  Service was good... The kiddos put on a program while Jason held Rachel and Jared's little boy who is not even six months I think... He is such a doll...   I can't wait til June of next year so we can start trying for our next baby boy/girl...  I wish it was June already.

Well, tonight I am going  Christmas caroling and to see my nephew at my Dad's... Off to get started on something productive.

Oh!  I have started going through our gardening books to get ready for next year!!!  I am going to be knowledgeable and productive in the name of Jesus AMEN :)

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