Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I am so excited... I spent a great day with my dad.  We shopped, which both of us do not like to do!  Then we ate, which both of us LIKE to do :) and then we went to Parker's grave to put flowers in his vase.  I stopped and bought yellow roses and white mums... we had to cut them to size there, so Dad got out his pocket knife and before he cut the bunch, had cut good into his thumb!  We both just looked at his thumb... course I wasn't totally sure he had cut it, but then he said "It's gonna bleed in a minute"... Oh Dad... Anyway, he wrapped it in a rag then cleaned it after we got to my house.  Then our good friends, Dan and Chastitiy had their baby girl today so we ran by the hospital to behold this beautiful little girl!!!!!! She is such a dollface!!!! I love her already :)  Now, here in an hour I am going to go hang out with Sam at the Casino!  Whoo Hoo!!!!!

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