Monday, March 12, 2012

God Has Truly Blessed Me Above My Prayers

 I am so thankful for prayer! It's amazing. I prayed for an E2 level of above 100 and ideally 150 so I could ovulate (this number would mean that the egg that was growing in my ovary the most was a healthy egg by how much estradial or E2 it was producing); they had called and said it was only 88, so I prayed... and God gave me 332 the next test!!!! I prayed my Progesterone levels, I said "Please God we need at least 10" This number would have meant I ovulated and God gave me 24! On the sixth they did my pregnancy test (HCG quantitative level) and I prayed for a gooooood pregnancy number, I know this is it I believe!!!!!! And it was 119----Yay I am pregnant---When they called to give me this news they said that they were going to run another Progesterone test to make sure my level was still as good as the 24 it was a week ago (my miscarriage happened bc my Progesterone dropped) and it had risen, praise God to an amazing 40!!!!!! THEN she said that 119 HCG was a good number but that in a week we had to run another HCG to make sure it was doubling as it should every 48-72 hrs. Well, that made me nervous!!!! So I prayed for 952.... it was the high on the scale of doubling (good would have been between 476 and 952).... And after playing a very pins and needles game of phone tag between me and the lady with my results.... my number again thank my Father in heaven was higher AGAIN than I asked for.... it is 1500!!!!!!!!! WWWWWWWHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!

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