Sunday, December 29, 2013


So, since I quit smoking, I have been really wanting to physically be healthier.  I have eaten the same way for most of my life.  I never had a huge problem with my weight though, until I had children.  Specifically my first child.  Since his birth, I have struggled.  Starving myself is not an option just to eat the types of food I want... I would rather never eat that food and eat as much as I would like, because let's face it, I am overweight, and I can't starve myself just to eat what I like, because, well, lol, then I would be hungry!  Ha!  So my diet is from the Eat to Live book and lifestyle plan:

  • 2 rounded tsp of nutritional yeast per day
  • must east at least one cup of beans, legume, bean sprouts, or tofu a day
  • fruit for breakfast, must eat a salad first before all lunches and dinner, and must eat a fruit after lunches and dinners
  • Only 1 TBS flax per day
  • Only 1 cup of starchy veg or whole grain product a day
  • Only 1 oz of raw nuts or seeds per day
  • Only 1 cup unswt soy milk per day
  • leafy and dark greens (strive to eat lb of each per day)
  • fruit (must have 4 at least fresh a day; frozen is acceptable)
  • beans, legume, bean sprouts, and tofu 
  • eggplant, tomato, mushrooms, peppers, and all other non-starchy vegetables including zucchini
I am starting out at 155 lb... I have to eat this way for 6 weeks.  I am excited because the kickstart of this is aggressive weight loss and I can't wait to feel better.  I ate all day long and got plenty of all my needs for the day, including fat, protein, carbs, fiber (obviously lol)...  I really want some fat.  I am craving butter, pasta and cream sauce, cheese, but I trust this will go away... and nutritional yeast does taste kind of cheesy.  That helps!  

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