Thursday, January 12, 2012

Aunt Mary Going Home

My mom's husband Jim has a sister named Mary.  I haven't really gotten to see much of her since her son died and she moved.  It has me reflecting on Mom's death as I know what surely her close family feels at this time.  I pray for peace and comfort.  I pray for her to have no pain.  I hope that this transition to Heaven come swiftly for her.  I thank God that we who believe do not die.  Our bodies do, but our Spirits go home.  Here was only temporary.  It is the only home I have come to know, but deep inside, that God-shaped-hole reminds me there is somewhere different.  Better.  No more loss.  All that seemed lost here, my loved ones, will be waiting for me there.... in my Savior's arms I shall weep no more, for I will have all I need.

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